Private dental treatment fees

Our comprehensive range of private treatments is available to all of our patients. We offer a range of ways to help you get the treatment that’s right for you, including dental finance.

Private fee guide

Private dental care at Johnson and Whitehouse.

We feel it is important that we provide you with a written estimate of your treatment costs. Should your treatment plan change, then your Dentist will discuss this with you.

We also undertake to guarantee all our permanent crowns, bridges, fillings and dentures for one year for all normal wear.

The treatment cost depends on the extent of work required. Your dentist can provide you with a precise quote for your personalised treatment plan.

Please note finance options are available for private treatment procedures, including 0% interest schemes.

take advantage of dental finance.

At Johnson and Whitehouse, we’re making it easier than ever for our patients to access the dental treatments they really want. With 0% finance you can spread the cost of your treatment – interest-free – over 6 or 12 months.

If you’re interested in applying for 0% finance, please discuss it with us at your next consultation. The application process is simple and quick and can be done online in the comfort of your home. You won’t have to disclose any personal information to the practice and will receive a decision instantly. Alternatively, if you would like one of our team to help with your application, we can do this at the practice.


Private fees guide

from £53
Small X-ray
from £15
Scale & Polish
from £43
from £65
Periodontal Therapy Session
from £57
Silver fillings - Small
from £70
Silver fillings - Medium
from £80
Silver fillings - Large
from £90
Tooth Coloured Fillings: Large
from £120
Tooth Coloured Fillings: Medium
from £110
Tooth Coloured Fillings: Small
from £100
Inlays / Onlays
from £350
from £69
Surgical Extractions
from £138
Root Canal Treatment (molar)
from £313
Root Canal Treatment (incisor)
from £313
Root Canal Treatment (pre-molar)
from £313
Tooth Coloured Crown (ceramic)
from £440
Tooth Coloured Crown (metal)
from £440
Bridge (per abutment)
from £440
Bridge (per pontic)
from £440
from £445
Full Upper and Lower Denture
from £769
Metal Denture (single arch)
from £700
Partial Denture
from £334
Clear Braces
Sports Guard
from £80
Tooth Whitening (home kit)
from £299
from £329